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There can be little doubt that our world is moving faster today and is more complicated than ever before.  You may be asking the same questions we are – how do I process all of this information, or how do I know the right way to go?  At Carrow Baptist Church we hold to the Bible as the inspired and authoritative Word of God.  Because we have the Bible as a starting point of truth revealed by and received from God, there is truth that we can use to establish a basis for how we live. 


The biblical teachings of the church including the following:

  • Each person is created in God’s image but has been separated from God by their sin.

  • God exists in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  • Jesus Christ, who was born of a virgin, is the Son of God who lived a sinless perfect life in order to provide redemption for us by sacrificing His perfect life to cover and remove our sins and pay our debt.

  • Our salvation, redemption and reconciliation are through Christ alone.

  • Jesus Christ founded the church to which all believer’s belong and He will return one day to take us to be with Him.

  • The local church is a fellowship where believers join with others in order to participate in Baptism and The Lord’s Supper and to find instruction and encouragement to live out their faith.

  • The local church is responsible to tell others about Jesus Christ both through their words and their service to the world.

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