Thank you for checking out our website!

You may not know it or believe it, but you did not visit this site by accident or by chance.  We want to say WELCOME!  We are excited to be able to share with you what God is doing among us.

We have a desire that everyone know God and the purpose He has for their life.  You are a special and unique individual who God has made with a purpose in mind.   The primary purpose is to know God and to have a relationship with Him.  That relationship leads to the worship of God as well as service to Him and the world.  Knowing Him comes through believing and accepting what God’s Son, Jesus Christ has done to redeem you.


We also want to convey our desire to be part of something bigger than ourselves or this family of believers.  We want to challenge each other to grow in our faith.  We want to see each other overcome difficult circumstances that we all face by building each other up as we trust God to guide us.


We want to encourage you to follow Jesus.  You may not believe in Him now, so we want to provide an environment where it is safe to ask some difficult questions and receive open and honest answers.  We want to make this a place of belonging in order that belief would be encouraged.


Do not misunderstand.  We are not perfect.  We are all a work in progress and still in need of God’s guidance and grace.  But if your belief system is driven by anything other than Jesus Christ we encourage you to examine afresh who He is.  HE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!